The mission of White Oak Elementary School PTA (WOES PTA) is to build strong relationships among parents and teachers to support the students and enrich their educational experiences at White Oak Elementary School.

Why should I join the WOES PTA?

The main reason to join the WOES PTA is to benefit our children! Our school community is growing and parents being involved or even serving as school volunteers are great ways for families to help build a sense of community within the school. 

How does the PTA plan to help White Oak Elementary?

The WOES PTA’s primary goal as a growing school is to create a strong school community where families and staff feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • Host social events to enable parents to network with each other and the staff.
  • Organize Fundraisers, Spirit Nights and Partnerships with local vendors that will enable the PTA to fund cultural arts programs, purchase additional curriculum based resources for the school/classrooms and provide teacher appreciation.

In addition, being a PTA member at White Oak Elementary School also gives you memberships to the National PTA and the NCPTA.  These memberships provide exclusive PTA member benefits and discounts; as well as, a strong advocacy voice for our children which is being heard at all government levels.  (Visit the NCPTA website for  PTA Member Benefits)

Thank You for Joining WOES PTA!

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